Game & Multimedia Artist

We Should Talk

Things are tense. Your partner’s been trying to get you to talk about the problems affecting your relationship, but you’re not sure if you’re ready. You head to your common haunt, a local bar where your best friend works, to relax and think things through. You discuss ongoing problems about life and romance with your partner over text, while also chatting with friends and strangers at the bar about what’s on your mind. The interactions you have and the perspectives you take affect how genuinely you can connect with your partner, and whether your relationship can survive the night.

We Should Talk is a narrative game that makes players decide how to handle a failing relationship. Through in-person conversations with patrons at a favorite bar, and text conversations with their partner, players make conversational choices that lead to one of several possible relationship outcomes by the end the night. A unique combinatorial choice mechanic gives players the freedom to express themselves and engage in nuanced conversations about life, love, and relationships.

“We Should Talk” was developed in the Spring of 2018 as a part the Studio 2 course at the NYU Game Center.

Official Selection at the Different Games Festival 2018.

Honoroable Mention at the IGF 2019

Narrative: Carol Mertz and Jordan Jones-Brewster

Art: Francesca Carletto-Leon, Kat Aguiar, and Nobo Bhowmik

Code & Audio: Jack Schlesinger

The combinatorial narrative choice mechanic in We Should Talk expands the possibilities of narrative choice in games by separating available responses into interchangeable, sectional statements. By rotating the options in each part of a response, players can subtly or dramatically change the meaning of their responses within discussion with the non-playable characters, thereby highlighting the nuances of language and communication. This mechanic requires that the choices be written in such a way that any combination of these parts creates a coherent whole, resulting in a sort of logic puzzle design challenge for the game writers.

Character Models

Textures were done by me | Characters were modeled by Francesca | Character design & facial expressions done by Kat