Truth in the Worlds

  Vaskr enjoying his heavenly paradise

Vaskr enjoying his heavenly paradise

My final project for 'Prototyping' class  was an interactive visual narrative about a strange creature name Vaskr and his strange journey. Many iterations were made to the story to make it better and more fun to read and play as well.

My first prototype was a paper prototype. I was a little scared whether everyone will like the story or not so I only let them play only one chapter of the story. It deemed to be successful. However I still had to work on my story, making in more interesting and challenging at the same time.

My second prototype was on an online platform that allowed me to make the narrative playable. However it seemed to be quite difficult for everyone to play attention to the story as it was long and there weren’t many illustrations to help to visualize the scenes. 

Finally I decided to work on twine as it allowed me to both have a interactive narrative as well as place visuals for the players to understand what happens in every step of the game.