Game & Multimedia Artist

The Golden Monkey

In my freshman year of college, I did a group project my Animation 2 class where we co-wrote a story set in film noir style. It was a story about a detective who was forced to take a case that reminded him of his past. My part on the group animation was to show the memories of the detective and his late wife.

For my Motion Graphics 2 class final project (where we had to create a title sequence), I decided to revisit and use the detective story. Only this time, I focused less on the story and more on creating a good title sequence

For the aesthetics and ink splat effects, I was inspired by 'Good Books "Metamorphosis"' by Antfood and the title sequence for the tv show Marco PoloI was really interested in the paper texture and ink plats videos. There is something very alluring and so I decided to use as foundation for each scene.